Hybrid Remote Control Mower B Class

Cheap Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers – Hybrid Remote Control Mower B Class

If you are trying to find best bargains and review for Cheap Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers, this is the good place for you! The following is information concerning Hybrid Remote Control Mower B Class – among Evatech product recommendation for Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers classification.

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Key Features Hybrid Remote Control Mower B Class

  • Hybrid Remote Control Mower
  • Green Fuel Efficient Technology
  • Manual Start with speeds of 7 miles per hour
  • Good for slopes of upto 25 degrees
  • Nice finishing Cut and Cut weeds up to 3-foot tall

Hybrid Remote Control Mower B Class picture

Product Description:

The Hybrid RCLM series are residential robots. The units come with its own power plant. Yes, it generates its own electricity. It is asafe, energy efficient, effortless remote control lawn mower that does not compromise speed or power to cut the lawn.

There is plenty of power on the Hybrid RCLM series to cut weeds up to 3 feet. There is so much muscle on the drive system that allows it to climb up to 25 degree slopes.

The radio control allows you to control the unit in all directions, forward, right, left reverse, and zero turn radius. The response of the unit is smooth and proportional.

The intelligence of the unit is protected by a 1/8 inch aluminum skull making its components virtually indestructible.

The Hybrid RCLM B class series is fast, and it acts as a sports car with a manual transmission. Yes, you will be able to enjoy changing the speed gears with the remote allowing the user to experience great control versus turbo speeds.

But wait there is more. There is a hitch on the back to pull anything like fertilizer spreaders, herbicide, leaf sweeper, etc. In addition, the powerful drive train is detachable from the mower. This system allows you to attach future Evatech’s power attachments such as snow mower, tillers, etc.

All these new features makes the Hybrid RCLM B class series a robot that one controls and enjoys.

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To conclude, when look for the most effective lawnmower make certain you inspect the specification as well as evaluations. The Hybrid Remote Control Mower B Class is advised and have great reviews as you could look for on your own. Hope this overview aid you to discover commercial mowers.