Kohler Part # PA-SV730-3043 SV730 E3 MTD

Best Lawn Mower Replacement Parts – Kohler Part # PA-SV730-3043 SV730 E3 MTD

This is the place for you if you are searching for best offers as well as testimonial for Lawn Mower Replacement Parts The following is info regarding Kohler Part # PA-SV730-3043 SV730 E3 MTD – among Kohler item suggestion for Lawn Mower Replacement Parts category.

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Key Features Kohler Part # PA-SV730-3043 SV730 E3 MTD

  • 25hp V-Twin 725cc Engine
  • 15amp alternator full pressure lube
  • 2 Year Warranty from Kohler

Kohler Part # PA-SV730-3043 SV730 E3 MTD image

Product Overview:

Kohler 725cc V-Twin OHV engine. 25hp Kohler Courage Engine. Professional grade engineering for the consumer. Cool-running OHV design and tough cast-iron cylinder bore provides better fuel efficiency, more torque per unit of displacement and means your engine will last longer in harsh mowing conditions – so you can keep your mower longer and avoid costly trips to the repair shop. The dual-seal, top- mount air filter keeps debris out of the engine and the internally vented carburetor provides added protection in dirty conditions. A modulated cooling fan reduces noise and optimizes air flow for a longer engine life. Consistent-CutTM technology delivers more consistent power to your mower deck in extreme load conditions, maximizing cutting, bagging, and mulching performance. So you can rest assured knowing there will be less clumping and missed areas. Tough on grass, easy on you. V-Twin design provides smooth operation and the acoustically dampened air induction system reduces noise for quieter operation. This engine also features a flip-up air cleaner cover that allows for quick inspection and change. High-torque inertia drive starter ensures quick, reliable starting in all conditions. Overhead valve design makes KOHLER® engine more fuel efficient and provides more power per displacement while emitting fewer harmful exhaust gasses. 4-cycle, gasoline, OHV, twin-cylinder, air-cooled, vertical shaft, full pressure lubrication with full-flow filter, aluminum head and crankcase with cast iron cylinder liners.

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