Poulan Pro PR625Y22SHP High-Wheel Push Mower Review

This large lawnmower from Poulan is the perfect pick if you’ve got a big yard to care for. It features a 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine with front-wheel propulsion, so it’s extremely easy to mow large lawns. With features like mulching, an automatic throttle, push-button primer, and elevated rear wheels for traction on uneven ground, the Poulan Pro PR625Y22SHP can power through tough jobs with ease.

Poulan Pro PR625Y22SHP High-Wheel Push Mower


* 22” wide cutting deck makes short work of large lawns
* Fully self-propelled with front-wheel drive
* Oversize 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine with overhead valves
* Two options for cuttings, side-discharge and mulch
* Large back wheels for increased handling on slopes and uneven ground
* Advanced engine is CARB compliant
* Weighs 105lbs
* 2-year limited warranty from Poulan

The Good

Above all else, the Poulan Pro PR625Y22SHP is extremely durable. From the premium wheels to the thick steel deck, there isn’t a single bit of this lawnmower that wasn’t made to last. The engine itself is CARB compliant, which not only reduces emissions, it lessens the need for maintenance and eliminates common problems like spark plug fouling. Anyone who wants a big, tough mower that’s made to last a lifetime will be able to appreciate this workhorse from Poulan.

At 22”, the Poulan Pro PR625Y22SHP has one of the widest decks of any push mower on the market. It’s a great choice for large lawns, and can easily be used in place of a riding mower. The fact that it’s self-propelled, combined with the large deck, makes it the perfect choice for anyone who struggles to take care of a big yard.

The heart of the Poulan Pro PR625Y22SHP is its big Briggs & Stratton 190cc overhead valve engine. It’s powerful enough to handle mulching even heavy or wet grass, and it pulls the mower forward with ease. Since it has such a large engine, Poulan has included premium features like a thick steel deck and large, heavy blades that help to increase the lifespan and performance of the mower.

The Poulan Pro PR625Y22SHP has both side-discharge and mulching capabilities. It takes only a few seconds to switch between modes, and it’s easy to do even with one hand. The mulching feature works flawlessly thanks to the powerful Briggs & Stratton engine. If you’re looking for a mulching mower that can easily handle tall, wet grass with ease, then the Poulan Pro PR625Y22SHP won’t let you down.

The Bad

Weight seems like a silly concern when it comes to self-propelled mowers, but if you have to use the Poulan Pro PR625Y22SHP for trim mowing you’ll feel it the next day. As long as you can go forward under the power of the engine it’s absolutely fine, but pulling it up and down hills or out from under the treeline will leave your back complaining. This mower, even though it’s relatively compact, isn’t a good choice for extensive trim work.

Our Verdict

The Poulan Pro PR625Y22SHP is one of the biggest and toughest push mowers on the market, with a wide mowing deck and big engine that you might expect to find on a riding lawnmower. While that means it isn’t well-suited for work as a trim mower, if you have a big yard it will get the job done quickly and easily. Poulan has designed and engineered this lawnmower to be the perfect solution for anyone who wants to care for their lawn without the expense and maintenance of a riding mower, so if that sounds like what you need then take a close look at the exceptional Poulan Pro PR625Y22SHP.

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