Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 140cc Push Mower Review

The Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 is an excellent mid-sized mower with plenty of power thanks to the big 140cc engine. It’s got all of the modern features you’ve come to expect in a mower, including an automatic throttle, overhead cam construction, and slim profile that’s perfect for small yards and trim mowing.

Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 140cc Push Mower


* Large 140cc overhead cam engine makes short work of tall weeds
* 20” cutting deck and low profile makes this an excellent trim mower
* Automatic throttle, push-button primer, and SureStart choke
* 7” wheels make this lightweight mower easy to push
* Steel cutting deck for long-lasting durability
* Weighs under 45lbs
* Covered by a 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer

The Good

At just under 45lbs, the Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 is a breeze to push around the yard. It’s a great small mower for trimming in tight spaces, and you can easily push it up and down ditches or get it in close to the treeline. Anyone looking for a small, lightweight mower with a lot of power is going to love the Yard Machines 11A-02SB700.

With 140cc of power, the Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 won’t bog down in wet grass. It’s strong enough to handle tough jobs, like high weeds and thick brush. The overhead valve construction and next-generation automatic throttle make operating and maintaining this mower easy.

If you’re tired of owning a mower that takes forever to start, then the Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 is the right choice for you. Yard Machines is known for making some of the easiest to operate, reliable lawn mowers on the market, and this mid-sized offering is no different. The Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 features an automatic throttle, push-button primer, and SureStart choke in order to make sure that you get going on the very first pull.

This mower is tailor-made for tight spots and tough trim jobs. The Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 has a low-profile steel deck and smaller wheels to make sure that you can get underneath obstacles. It’s light enough that you can move it wherever you need it in order to keep your lawn looking perfect, even right up tight to the trees. This mower will save you time and effort with a string trimmer, so you can get the lawn cut faster than ever.

The Bad

Because the Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 uses wheels that are all the same size, this mower doesn’t handle as well as it could on hills. The cutting deck tends to bottom out if you’re moving up and down steep slopes, and it’s tougher to keep control when you’re in a deep ditch. On the other hand, for flat lawns and trim mowing, the Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 still stands out as an excellent choice.

The same features that make the Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 a great trim mower, like a mid-sized cutting deck and low profile, make using this mower on large lawns harder than it has to be. The 20” cutting deck is perfect for getting up tight to your house or underneath trees, but it doesn’t cover a lot of ground. If you’ve got a big yard, then you should look into a larger mower.

Our Verdict

Anyone looking for a mid-sized mower is sure to love the Yard Machines 11A-02SB700. While it isn’t a great choice for a primary lawn mower for large yards, this lightweight machine does a great job of fitting into tight spaces for trim mowing. The Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 starts up easily, is built tough to last a long time, and is so lightweight that you can spend a weekend in the yard without wearing yourself out. It has a 20” cutting width powered by a big 140cc engine, so you can quickly and easily tackle even tough jobs and tall weeds. If you want a little mower that can tackle big jobs, the Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 is the perfect pick.

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